Tracks Management

FarigMaps works with GPX, KML, KMZ files. These files (GPX/KML/KMZ) can be copied from and to your PC through Apple iTunes or AirDrop. Please click here to read About File Sharing on iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

All the tracks-you import to FarigMaps or record by FarigMaps, will show in the tracks list.

After you have selected a track, you can directly access 5 actions:
1. Load to the map. You can load one or more tracks as locus on the map, but can load only one as track.
2. Export to gpx / kml / kmz.
3. Share with your friends by email.
4. Eidt the track's information.

5. Rermove. This will delete the track from the database!
Swipe Listview item from right to left show delete button.