Online Maps

A series of online maps are available. You can switch from online to offline maps at any time.

You can find all the online maps in ‘MENU’ – ‘Online Maps’, remove sources (This will delete the track from the database! ) that do not interest you, add others.

Add other online map

In the MUEN, you can find the Online Maps.
Then click the button '+' at the top right corner.

Tips for the URL where the maps can be found:
{Serverpart} server, this value is replaced with one of the values added in tag
{x} x image pixels
{y} y image pixels
{z} zoom level
{q} quad encoded, from x,y,z
{scale} scale the images up by setting tileSize to 512. Maps shown on a Retina device will look their best when displaying high DPI images with a tileSize of 512; while maps shown on a non-Retina device will look great with normal images and the default tileSize of 256.
{-y} -y image pixels
{sx} sub x image pixels
{sy} sub y image pixels

From this point onwards everybody should look for the sources that are of interest to them. Take care with the licenses for each site! They should to be respected.

Remove the online map

Selected a map, swipe Listview item from right to left show delete button.

By the way, iOS Map, iOS Satellite and iOS Hybrid can not be remove.